This section contains completed and ongoing projects. My main interests lies in Healthcare data analytics and Interoperability

Opioid Prescription QI

This project focuses on the steps involved in a quality improvement initiative, specifically monitoring a healthcare facility’s compliance with the CMS506v4 electronic clinical quality measure. CMS506v4 assesses the proportion of inpatient hospitalizations for patients aged 18 and older prescribed two or more opioids or an opioid and benzodiazepine concurrently at discharge.

Web Components for FHIR resources

The FHIR resources were developed by the HL7 standard development organization as a healthcare data exchange standard based on Rest API technology. This enables data exchange with the use of HTTP endpoints. According to the FHIR documentation, a FHIR resource contains an URL identity, information about the type of resource, a set of structured data items as defined by the type of resource and an identified version that changes based on changes in the resource content